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Armored Warfare BETA - Question/Answers - F.A.Q

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:12 am    Post subject: Armored Warfare BETA - Question/Answers - F.A.Q Reply with quote

Armored Warfare
Page Updated - January 21, 2010
Frequently asked questions (FAQ), and their answers...


Q: Where do I download the BETA from?
A: *DEC 20, 2009* Public BETA v1.0 of Armored Warfare has been removed since the game is now being pitched to publishers. Thank you to those who provided me feedback.

Q: Where do I read about the controls, and the objectives of the game?
A:The ReadMe.pdf file is installed with the game, and a shortcut is added to your 'Program Files', you can also download the ReadMe file directly here:

Q: hhhhhh TEH game is multiaplr why is thare no online if its in teh name of teh gaem??!>333???
A: I'm including multiplayer in a future release of the BETA, I want to get hardware and preformance issues pin-pointed before I add multiplayer into the mix.

Q: I get wierd physics issues, the vehicles seem to hop up and down. What is wrong?
A: If the physics simulation is unable to maintain a certain framerate [ number of updates per second ] then it will degrade into a jittery nightmare. The frame-rate is visible in the lower left corner of the screen. Anything < 25 FPS will start to look bad. NOTE: THIS ISSUE IS SOLVED, AND WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE NEXT BETA RELEASE!

You can fix these issues by lowing the rendering quality of the game to increase the frame-rate. Just go into the options menu and lower the quality of certain visual effects. Or you can buy a faster computer :-p j/k But yea, if you experience any issues with the game in terms of physics inaccuracies, please let me know.

Q: I have a problem running the game, I get an error message, or the game doesn't work how I think it should, what should I do?
A: Check the game's log files in the InstallDirectory\Data\LogFiles\xxxxx.txt

The log files will help me trace what went wrong, please e-mail it to me, or post it in this thread. If the game did not even start, please post the exact message the game displayed.

Also please include your system specifications for any error or bug reports.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for the Warbots Online BETA?
A: You'll need at least 1GB of RAM, 2 GB is prefered. You'll need a modern processor and video card, I'd recommend at least an Intel Core2Duo for a processor. For the videocard something with support for Shader Model 3.0 is required, and I'd recommend one with at least 256MB of video memory, 512MB+ is recommended for optimum performance.

The game also requires 2GB of hard-drive space, but I doubt that's a problem...

Q: I get an error when I try to start the game, it says d3dx10_xxxx.dll is missing...what should I do?
A: You'll need to make sure your installation of DirectX is up to date, you can run the program dxwebsetup.exe that is included in the game's install directory and it will update you to the latest version of DirectX.

Q: If the game is still not starting up, or you get a side-by-side error, this is the fix -
A: I've uploaded a 'quick-fix' .exe here (~1.6MB)-
There's is a new .exe in there that you can overwrite the old one with.

Q: My question was not answered here, where do I go for an answer?
A: Register & post your question on the forum, or send me an e-mail and I'll add it to the list. I'd prefer e-mail.

If you're reporting a bug or an issue with the game please include your system specs, the map, the # of vehicles&soldiers on the map, and any other relevent information.

I run this place.
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He replied, "I just kind of optimized for game play."

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