- A very helpful site about game programming.

Mr. Gamemaker - Very good forums for game programming.

DirectX - Microsoft's DirectX (Urban Empires uses DirectX 9.0c).

Flipcode - Another helpful site about game programming.

Milkshape 3D - Milkshape 3D is an excellent low-poly 3D modeling program for only $20.

Jasc - The Makers of PaintShop Pro.

Gettysburg: Armored Warfare Facebook Page - G:AW's Social Networking Page.

Paradox Interactive - Paradox Interactive is publishing Gettysburg: Armored Warfare.

Havok Physics - Gettysburg: Armored Warfare uses the Havok Physics engine.

Newton Game Dynamics - Urban Empires uses Newton as it's physics engine.

RakkarSoft - Radioactive-Software uses RakkarSoft's RakNet as it's networking library.

Open Audio Library - Urban Empires uses OpenAL as it's sound library.

Asorson Studios - Asorson Studios created early character models for Gang War.

Electric-Shed - Electric-Shed created all the car models for Urban Empires.

Voices in my Head Productions - Created all the voiceovers for Urban Empires.

The Mike, Matt and Pat Show - Some of Dan's crazy friends.

Russian Front - An awesome WW2 Russian front mod.

Day Of Defeat - Another execllent WW2 Half-life modification.

Radioactive-Software Homepage / Developers Journal

Electric Shed

FMOD Sound & Music Library

Milkshape3D Model Editor

Asorson Studios

George Ledoux / Voices in My Head Productions

Ageia PhysX

RakNet / Rakkarsoft Homepage

Kult House Graphic Design

Microsoft DirectX 9.0c Download

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